LED Layout Lighting

The club has purchased 10 off 4′ LED tubes. These will be used to light Project Essjay, but are also suitable for use with other club layouts. They have a colour temperature of 4000K, which is a good ‘natural’ light suitable for most layouts. The light is ‘warmer’ than the 6000K cold white lamps in the layout room.

Unlike fluorescent tubes, these tubes are lightweight and do not contain glass. All of the driver circuitry is built in to the tubes, and they can be powered by a simple connector at one end of the tube – the pins at the other end of the tube are connected together but electrically isolated.

Each tube takes under 20W of power, and only gets just slightly warm to the touch. They have a light beam angle of 160°, so the bulk of the light is directed downwards.

The tubes only need support at each end – Terry Clips are ideal.

The club also has 5 off connecting leads for use with the tubes. Each lead is 5m long, and can power two tubes:

It is important that the tubes are only connected at the correct end – this is marked on the tube.