Layouts and modelling projects hosted by the society cover the following scales/gauges:

  • HO-3.5mm. French and German railways.
  • OO & EM -4mm. British railways.
  • N-2mm. British railways.
  • O-7mm. Finescale-British railways.
  • NOG-7mm British narrow gauge.

The Society also operates a large, quadruple circuit Running Track  that will accommodate most 16.5mm and 32mm gauge trains. This provides members with an opportunity to run full length trains based on British, European, Japanese and American prototypes in HO,  OO, O and narrow gauge formats.

Club Layouts

Project Essjay – OO Gauge
OO Gauge Finescale.  A new development. Large continuous circuit based on 3rd rail electric SE BR,  Sectorisation and franchise operations.

Admiralty Exchange Sidings – EM Gauge
Continuous circuit based on SECR.

Denton West – O Gauge
End-to end layout based on 1930’s LMS/LNER

Theobald’s Yard – Narrow O Gauge
Continuous circuit complex, partially dual tracked.

French Layout – HO Gauge
The continuous circuit based on SNCF has now been retired, with a new, smaller layout being constructed in its place.

Little Totston – OO Gauge
Continuous circuit children’s DIY layout featuring Thomas and Friends.

Adlerplatz – HO Gauge
Continuous German layout, 16′ x 8′ with the station as its centrepiece.

Oxley Heath – OO Gauge
The Club’s new 00 layout has been redesigned as a continuous layout based on Oxted and set in the 80s/90s and featuring the Faller road system.

Skeglington – N Gauge
Skeglington is scheduled for display at the ODMRS 2017 exhibition.

Combe Temple – N Gauge
Continuous circuit based on S & D in BR days.

Member Layouts

Deptford East – P4 Gauge

Please ask for details of other layouts.

Club Resources

See our Club Resources page.