Combetemple – N Gauge

Combetemple is the junction of the Somerset & Dorset and British Rail (Southern region).

Set in 1960/61 you will see a number of BR(Midland) trains to and from Bath and beyond and the South coast as well as BR(Southern) trains to and from London and the West Country. The general idea is to run trains which give a flavour of those that would have run through the real Templecombe in 1960/61. You will see passenger trains carrying holidaymakers as well as local services and some freight workings. If there are enough operators there may well be some activity in the Goods yard.

Modeller’s licence” has been used in vast quantities to enable us to imagine an area along the Somerset and Dorset county boundaries that is completely different to the reality of Templecombe but at least we can use our Midland and Southern regions’ stock without too many problems. The obvious problem was the right angle crossing of the 2 lines, hence the need to rebuild Dorset.

As you stand in front of the layout, you have to imagine that Combetemple West junction is off to the left (for trains to Exeter or Bath) and Buckhorn Weston junction is off to the right (for trains to Salisbury or Bournemouth West). Near Combetemple West junction, and therefore off-stage, are the London Midland engine shed and the interchange freight sidings. The Goods yard beside the station is basically for local freight. At Combetemple there is a branch line to Cucklington and Kilmington. The branch follows the main line for some distance before curving away past the depot at Rodgrove and climbing up to Cucklington and then to the terminus at Kilmington. Just before the junction at Kington Magna lies the small halt of Buckhorn Weston. The station itself is about a mile from the small town of the same name.

Locomotives are mostly Farish or Dapol with a few from Union Mills. Coaching stock is Farish or Dapol with wagons and vans from Farish, Dapol and kits from Peco and the N Gauge Society.