Replacement Running Track

Our current running track has had various issues for a while, and the decision has now been taken to replace this with a new one.

This proposal provides two O Gauge, two OO Gauge, one EM Gauge  and N Gauge track.

It uses 12 boards of the club standard 4′ x 2’6“ size and allows all tracks to be used simultaneously. All tracks are easily accessible from the OUTSIDE of the running track, minimising any need to crawl underneath.

This drawing shows the proposed running track located in the clubroom. The red tracks are O, green OO, blue EM and magenta N Gauge:

The two boards on the left would normally be fixed to the clubroom wall and hinge down on top of the workbench. These could be used on their own for testing/programming, or as a continuous running track with the other sections added.

Whilst the primary use will be in the clubroom, the wall mounted boards will be removable for use in the hall, and if necessary, additional straight sections could be made and added if a longer or wider track is required.

We’ll probably use laser cut plywood box section boards for accuracy, possibly filled with kingspan for rigidity. If we can align the tracks well enough, it’s possible that the “curved” sections could be erected in any order. I’d recommend we put small side walls on the boards to minimise track damage in storage.

15 pin D-Type connectors would provide the electrical connection between each board, with a single lead provided to a “break-out” box for connection to controllers. This lead can be connected at any board join.

The “break-out” box would have connections for DC and DCC (MERG) controllers. Each track would have a switch to select DC or DCC, and a bicolour LED to indicate track power. This would indicate red or green for DC operation, and orange for DCC.